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Certified Local Government Grants

CLG Grant Program

In Ohio, communities with a local historic preservation ordinance in place that meets requirements set forth by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service are eligible to participate in the Certified Local Government (CLG) program. Once certified, these local governments may compete annually for grants to help carry out a wide range of historic preservation activities. Funding for grants to Certified Local Governments comes from the U.S. Department of the Interior's Historic Preservation Fund [CFDA 15.904], administered by the National Park Service, which provides financial support to State Historic Preservation Offices. Under provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act, 10% of the annual appropriation to Ohio is set aside for Certified Local Government grants.

Eligible Applicants
Certified Local Governments in Ohio may apply for the grants; Certified Local Governments may also designate a second party to administer a grant. In such cases, the grant is awarded directly to the second party and that party is responsible for administering the project. CLG communities can work together, collaborating on a project addressing common historic issues. Click here to go to the CLG grant application package page.

Eligible Activities

Projects can include:

  1. Planning
    • preparing or updating a preservation plan for a neighborhood or community
    • writing or amending preservation ordinances
  2. Survey
    • identifying historic properties or archaeological resources through geographically or thematically based surveys
  3. Registration
    • local designation or nomination of buildings and sites to the National Register of Historic Places
  4. Public Education and Other
    • providing workshops for property owners or technical training for community officials
    • publication of historic site inventories, design guidelines, walking tour brochures and other educational materials
    • staff work for historic preservation commissions
  5. Pre-Development
    • pre-construction projects such as feasibility studies, preparation of drawings and specifications or historic strucuture reports

  6. Acquisition or Development
    • acquisition or development of properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places

Matching Share
Ohio's CLG grants are awarded on a 60/40 matching basis. The grant may constitute up to 60% of the project cost; the applicant must provide the remaining 40% through any combination of cash, in-kind and donated services and materials. With the exception of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, federal funds cannot be used to meet the matching share requirement of Certified Local Government grants.

Grant Cycle and Selection Process
The usual CLG grant cycle is: issuance of grant availability notice in December, proposals due March 1, review and awards made in April. The project period runs approximately 17 months starting May 1 through the following September 30.

An additional funding round is conducted if available CLG grant funds are not obligated in the initial round.

Only complete applications are forwarded to the Grant Section Committee for review and evaluation according to the selection criteria. The Grants Selection Committee consists of three members of the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board (OHSPAB), an OHPO program-area department head and the CLG Program and Preservation Servcies Manager. The Committee are staffed by the OHPO Grants Manager. Recommendations from the Grants Selection Committee are forwarded to OHSPAB for consideration and approval at its Spring meeting, and then to the State Historic Preservation Officer for the application submission date.

Click here to download the annual grant announcmenet, application, and application instructions. A paper copy is available upon request. Communities in Ohio that have attained Certified Local Government status by the application submission date are eligible to apply for assistance for their local preservation projects.

For any questions about the CLG program or grants, contact the Ohio Historic Preservation Office at or (614) 298-2000.

Project Standards
All Certified Local Government grants must result in a completed, tangible product or measurable result and all must be carried out in accordance with the applicable Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation. A copy of these standards is available from the Ohio Historic Preservation Office or online.

Procurement of Goods and Services
Project work may be performed or overseen by CLG staff or by consultants or contractors meeting appropriate 48 FR 44716 professional qualifications hired to perform particular tasks.

Project Monitoring and Reporting
The Ohio Historic Preservation Office will work closely with the Certified Local Government or the second party administrator to monitor project work. Provision is made in the project contract for the review of drafts of all products locally and by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office. For development projects, drawings and specifications must have Ohio Historic Preservation Office approval prior issuance of an RFP and prior to initiation of project work. Over the course of the project, progress reports and financial documentation of project expenditures will be required.

Grant Payment
Payment of the Certified Local Government grant is made on a reimbursement basis and follows submission of a project completion report along with financial documentation of project expenditures. Partial grant payments can be made.

To request additional information about Certified Local Government Grants click here, or call 614/298-2000.

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